Karamel Madison's Kitchen Korner

I love anything that has to do with the kitchen. As such, I was eager to start decorating Nana's Noshes, which is the shop in my short stories, The Adventures of Viv Writer, with sweet treats and such. When I did my search Kitchen Korner popped up and caught my eye.

When I arrived I found all the lovely treats that looked so real. Everything looked delicious! I was hungry for real when I left. Yes, Karamel, you have done your job well!

Everything is organized well too. There are several sections in the store. There is a food area, gifts, liquors, and wines. Each area is chock filled of goodies. I especially loved the the bakery as that is what I will be using in Nana's Noshes. The cakes and pies are fabulous!

Karamel is an artist in Second Life who is really dedicated to the craft. The time and artistry put fourth in making these amazing creations must be applauded. I am glad someone with such talent is in Second Life. I can't wait to see what Karamel comes up with next.

JohnnyD's Market Town Prefab

Generous JohnnyD

A while ago I was doing a search for prefab stores. There were many results from my inquiry but one stood out and that one was Market Town Prefab. I teleported over and began to explore.
I was looking for something specific. I wanted a background set for my stories, The Adventures of Viv Writer. It didn't take long before I realized there were so many choices that a quick decision was not going to happen. I loved all of the choices. What I was really impressed with was Long Won Chinese Takeaway. It was so cute. I could see the lovely detail JohnnyD put into this store.
The benches are another specialty of JohnnyD's. They are lovely and there are so many different styles of poses. None of the benches have pose balls! That was wonderful, I loved that!
As I continued exploring there was this building with spiders. Normally, I would not think anything of that but what made his spiders different was that they were as big as the stores! Not only that, they were scary looking too.
I really enjoyed JohnnyD's sim and hope you go by to see all he has created. Thanks JohnnyD for sharing your terrific talents in the online game of Second Life.

The Magic of Julia Hathor

I was first introduced to Julia's work via Esmee Isbell. While Esmee is a fabulous designer on her own, she appreciates other second life designers as well and has some of their work on her sim. Esmee has a swing on Pinehouse that I simply fell in love with. The swing was created by Julia Hathor. It was not until much later on that I actually found out who she is. I was looking for some Victorian prop and decided I would see if Julia made something that would work. So I searched, Julia Hathor, and loads of things came up. Where to begin? When I arrived I was absolutely blown away! It was an incredible sight. I completely forgot what I went there for and just got caught up in the magic. I thought it would be yet another great place to relax and read. I go there often to do both. Along with lovely things to purchase there are fun things to do.
Someone else actually said she was magical and I am just agreeing. I believe you will too. If you don't believe me, you can throw a stone in second life (I'm sure someone has that animation)and more than likely you will hit something Julia made. I love to see her work throughout second life. I often wonder if she is impressed with how her objects are used on other sims.
The sim I arrived on was marvelous but then I found out there are several others. I still have not gone to two of them. I'm never in a rush as I want to take the time to appreciate everything. Just like Esmee, no grass grows under her feet. She creates new objects and suddenly, we have more to appreciate.
Since my first meeting with Julia, I have come to know her as a fine artist and designer. If you believe there is a difference between the two, I would argue that Julia is clearly both. I am proud to call someone with that much wisdom and creativity a friend.
If you want to see what happens when you combine the talents of an incredible fine artist and the creativity of a second life designer, do a search for Julia Hathor and whatever comes up with her name on it..... GO THERE! It's simply magical.